How do I prevent good ideas from dying?

We are in a constant state of becoming.
A noble goal to set for oneself: avoid becoming shit for as long as possible.
It’s not easy.
Each moment devours the next, constantly and forever.
Anything alive is susceptible to a quick beheading or a slow death.
The same goes for the ideas.
What is beautiful one moment could dull the next,
or slip from the mind and disappear altogether. 

I am worried.
Creative ideas — I liken them to a flame.
Have they dulled recently? 
How often do I fail in preventing their disappearance from the forefront of consciousness?
The truthful answers are pessimistic ones.
I am guilty of letting good ideas die and become shit.
By letting a good idea become shit, I become shit.
I feel a duty to avoid all that.
So, how does one prevent a good idea from dying?

“Fire feeds on obstacles.” – Marcus Aurelius

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