argument: you cannot control perception; only shape it.

perception is value-laden and ruled by interest

When scientists first tried to create artificial intelligence, they overestimated the concept of seeing.
– They thought it would be easy to make robots see like humans see.
– – Just attach video camera.
Nothing is that simple.
– There are so many objects in the world.
– – So many objects in any given visual field.
– – – It is not easy filter through those hundreds of thousands of objects and focus on one.
– – – – If one is to achieve anything at all, he must block the rest of the entire world out of his mind.
– – – – – Perhaps we all are still in the garden.
– – – – – – Not fully aware of true nudity.

Seeing as a segue into Perception.

Perception goes beyond our eyeballs.
– Perception is loaded with personal values.
– Perception is loaded with personal interest.

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