argument: you cannot control perception; only shape it.

perception is value-laden and ruled by interest

When scientists first tried to create artificial intelligence, they overestimated the concept of seeing.
– They thought it would be easy to make robots see like humans see.
– – Just attach video camera.
Nothing is that simple.
– There are so many objects in the world.
– – So many objects in any given visual field.
– – – It is not easy filter through those hundreds of thousands of objects and focus on one.
– – – – If one is to achieve anything at all, he must block the rest of the entire world out of his mind.
– – – – – Perhaps we all are still in the garden.
– – – – – – Not fully aware of true nudity.

Seeing as a segue into Perception.

Perception goes beyond our eyeballs.
– Perception is loaded with personal values.
– Perception is loaded with personal interest.

exit is the goal

exit is the goal.
– friction is the enemy.
– freedom, the desire.
– the gravitational force of various things hold us back.
– – what things?
– – held back from what?
– – how does one escape their gravity?
how does one exit?
– exit to where?

to exit is to opt out.
– opt out of current structures that just don’t cut it.
– – that just feel wrong.
– – – articulate the feeling.
exit on both micro and macro level.
– feel different.

exit day-to-day structures.
– start with things in your immediate control.
– – minute-to-minute.
– – word-to-word.
– – though-to-thought.
become a humble practitioner who practices good practice.
– humble how?
the world is hyper complex.
– most do not treat it as so.
– if one does not speak with careful precision,
– then one risks slipping into speaking on subject matter beyond his scope.
Wittgenstein: “whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.”
– it is a waste of time/energy/thought to speak on matters beyond one’s scope.
– – ego plays a role.
– – structure plays a role.
– – – what is worse, it is fashionable to do so.
– – – with no tangible punishment,
– – – unless wasted time is tangible.
– it is a grave mistake to enslave oneself to the delusion that the world is simple.
– – grave mistakes are habitual.
– – in our nature.
I fear I am stuck operating upon one giant false premise.
– that such large truth clams can be articulated in such simple terms.
– – with such little effort.
– – – casually, over a cup of coffee.
– – – – it’s not that simple.
the world is hyper-complex.
– respect that fact.
– to not do so is an insult to life itself.
– – and it all starts with the words we use.
– – the way we speak.
– – our conversations.
exit conversations that do not respect the simple fact.
– exit that type of speech.
– – that type of thought.
– it is incorrect.
– – and to exit out of what is incorrect
– – into something that is more correct
– – is to transcend.

exit how life is structured
if one’s life is not maximizing freedom.
– take a step back.
consider all sources of friction that render one bound.
– bound by location.
– bound by currency.
– bound by state.
– bound by fruitless relationships.
– bound by ego.
– – etc. etc.
there is a give and take to the aforementioned sources of friction.
– they provide structure.
– – the structure serves as a form of protection.
– – – but the protection feels more secure than it actually is.
structure not built by you is not looking out for you, the individual.
– not looking out for you as you would look out for yourself.
– the state is too big to mind shielding you, the individual.
– location is arbitrary.
– – until you truly choose yours for real reasons.
– currency is just stored energy.
– – be intentional with your energy.
– – – where you store it.
– – – how you store it.
– – – – jack bogel.
– – – – crypto.
– fruitless relationships are fruitless.
– – fresh fruit is superior.
– – – especially when you pick it yourself.
– the ego can evolve.
Bruce Lee: “be like water.”
be indestructible.
– a general rule for exiting structure.
– – one must become as indestructible as one can be in order to successfully exit.
– how does one become indestructible?
– – how does one protect oneself?
– – – protect from what?
– – – – frictions not met until after exit.
– – what things could kill you?
– – – study, master, prevent worse case scenario.
– – – – the worst thing is death.
– – – – study jiu jitsu.
– – – – study money.
– – – – study history.
– – – – – to spot what is coming.
– – – – study death.
maximize freedom.
– earn a living that does not bind you to location.
– – remote work.
– live in a state that does not bind freedom of expression nor movement.
– – vote with your feet.
– articulate personal values.
– – learn what is important and let go of that which is not.
– – – love is the only permissible friction.
– – – – friction that is eased by certain modern technologies.
– – – – – and distorted by others

How do I prevent good ideas from dying?

We are in a constant state of becoming.
A noble goal to set for oneself: avoid becoming shit for as long as possible.
It’s not easy.
Each moment devours the next, constantly and forever.
Anything alive is susceptible to a quick beheading or a slow death.
The same goes for the ideas.
What is beautiful one moment could dull the next,
or slip from the mind and disappear altogether. 

I am worried.
Creative ideas — I liken them to a flame.
Have they dulled recently? 
How often do I fail in preventing their disappearance from the forefront of consciousness?
The truthful answers are pessimistic ones.
I am guilty of letting good ideas die and become shit.
By letting a good idea become shit, I become shit.
I feel a duty to avoid all that.
So, how does one prevent a good idea from dying?

“Fire feeds on obstacles.” – Marcus Aurelius

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